Photo by Maurice Haas

about me

I am often asked what my heart really beats for, whether it is more for photography or advertising. The answer is easy for me: my heart beats for compelling storytelling. Both in advertising and photography. However it is very important to highlight that my work as an advertising creative and a photojournalist are very different in nature: While storytelling in advertising is usually fictional, in photojouralism authenticity is an abolute must. as a photojournalist I never stage situations on location or alter the image with retouching tools, although I use these tools in advertising. But even in advertising it sometimes makes sense to follow photojournalistic principles, at least if one wants to tell authentic stories.


My own story started 1971 in Switzerland. After school I studied graphic design. Then I was attracted to reportage photography, but unfortunately this turned out to be completely breadless at the time. In 1996 I therefore started an internship at Wirz, a major advertising agency in Zurich, where I was employed and worked as a graphic designer and junior art director. From there I then moved to Advico Young & Rubicam, where I was soon appointed Art Director. My career in advertising really took off with my move to Jung von Matt Spree in Berlin. Back in Switzerland I became a Creative Director at Advico Young & Rubicam. In total I worked for advertising agencies in Switzerland and Germany for almost 15 years.


In 2010 I became self employed and started working as a freelance Art & Creative Director and photojournalist. Since then, I have not only worked as a freelancer for all major agencies in Switzerland, but have also produced numerous photo reportages in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America for magazines and newspapers such as GEO, Stern, DIE ZEIT and the NZZ. Also the Guardian, National Geographic, CNN, 6-mois and many other renowned media published my reports.


I have received numerous awards at home and abroad, in advertising as well as in photography. Among the prizes in advertising were several Cannes Lions, awards at Clio, D&AD, One Show, Eurobest, ADC Europe, ADC Switzerland and more. The most important awards in photography include the World Press Photo Award, the POYi, NPPA, PDA, the Swiss Press Photo Award, vfg and ewz Selection.


This portfolio gives an overview of current and older campaigns, which I was allowed to produce as Art & Creative Director and also as photographer.

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art direction

A selection of advertising campaigns which I  created as an art director


A selection of advertising, editorial & multimedia publications which I created as a photographer