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I am often asked what my heart really beats for, whether it is more for photography or advertising.
The answer is easy for me: my heart beats for compelling storytelling and eye catching visuals, both in advertising as well as in photography.


My work as an art director in advertising and as a photographer are sometimes of a very contrasting nature: while advertising generally tells fictional stories, authenticity is a must in my work as a reportage photographer. In photojournalism, I never alter an image with retouching tools or stage a situation on location, whereas in advertising I do this as a matter of course.

During more than 25 years as an art director I wrote concepts for print advertising and TV spots and realized them together with photographers and film productions. In the meantime, I not only take photographs myself, but also shoot moving images and I also edit content.


For websites & online storytelling it is becoming more and more important to bring photography and moving images into a ready-to-use form for the web, be it as a film or as animated, scrollable web pages, where photography, video and text are combined into an compelling story.  

Because my field of activity is much broader than that of a classic freelance art director or photographer, I have chosen a term that succinctly sums up my many years of expertise as a concept developer, art director, graphic designer, photographer and photojournalist: Visual Storytelling.

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art direction

art direction & concept

Ideas, concepts and campaigns 

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